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BS 7036 – BSEN 16005

BS 7036 – BSEN 16005

BS 7036 – 1996 – Safety for Pedestrians at powered doors.

The purpose of BS 7036 is to provide guidance to manufacturers, suppliers, installers, specifiers, occupiers and property owners on the general recommendations for the provision, installation, safe operation and maintenance of powered door systems with a view to safeguarding traffic against the risk of accidents.

As a code of practice, this British Standard takes the form of guidance and recommendations. The BS 7036 has been prepared in five parts, to provide guidance on safety, maintenance and the immediate environment application to the increasing number of types of power operated doors in general public use as follows.

  • Part 1 – General
  • Part 2 – Straight, curved, prismatic and folding sliding doors
  • Part 3 – Swing and balanced doors
  • Part 3 – Low energy swing doors
  • Part 5 – Revolving doors

BS EN 16005:2012 – Power operated Pedestrian doorsets – Safety in use.

Released in 2012, the European standard states that from April 2013 all new automatic door installations should conform to this standard. The standard is not retrospective so existing installations are not covered by the requirements.

The majority of changes between the 2 standards are in the revolving door section, but more emphasis has been put on the risk assessment, testing of safety devices and of the recording of automatic door installations.

Compliance with the British Standard does not itself confer immunity from legal obligations. ASI Ltd always takes into account when specifying, designing and installing the highest safety standards as stated by the British Standard.