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PC Based Online Systems

"PC" based access control systems are a far more advanced and productive way of controlling the access rights within your building. The system is controlled by either "cloud" based software which is accessible from any pc, tablet or smartphone, or by software which is installed onto a hard drive which is based within the building itself. All access hardware, (readers, control boards, locks etc) can be controlled via the software at one location. Enrolling, deleting and programming is all done at the pc and then information is instantly sent out to all hardware devices.

Online access control systems are ideal for larger businesses that have multiple doors and users or where instant control is required of door locations. The possibilities are endless with what you can achieve and interface into an online access control system.

There are many advantages for installing "PC based" access control into your building, including:-

  • Controlling many parts of your buildings infrastructure
  • Instant control over all doors and users ensuring security and safety
  • Lost, stolen or non-returned tokens can instantly be deleted
  • Control access into sensitive locations
  • Interfacing with CCTV, Fire Alarm Systems, Door Automation, Video/Audio Entry, Lighting
  • Allow door automation for disabled users only
  • Unlock doors or view CCTV via apps on your smartphone
  • Staff time & attendance and door events records are instantly accessible