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Stand Alone Systems

Standalone access control systems are a more cost effective and easily managed way of controlling building access. Standalone systems have less flexibility and simpler programming options and are designed for low-medium security locations. These systems are ideal for smaller establishments with low-medium staff numbers, low security/risk door locations and in areas where door traffic is not required to be recorded.

Control boards are usually contained within a power supply unit installed at each door location on the secure side of the door, or within the proximity reader or keypad. Standalone systems are usually managed with "ghost cards" or by having users details recorded in order to allow for adding or deleting which is done via each door or reader individually. Ideal locations for standalone access control systems would include:-

  • Small businesses with low staff numbers
  • Sports/members clubs with 1-5 door locations
  • Domestic Properties
  • Multi person residences with 1 main entrance