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Access Control

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Access Control

Electronic access control systems are a vital part of any organisations security network. They allow flexible control over who is granted access through specific doors at pre-determined times. Access control systems range from one door, standalone installations which are easily managed and more cost effective, to a complete multi door, pc based online system using the latest software with real time event reports, interfacing into the buildings CCTV and Fire Alarm system and allowing instant control over all doors and users. Installing an access control system within your business premises will mean that you will never have to worry about changing another lock again.

Methods of gaining access include':-

  • Proximity Systems: Users are issued with an individual proximity card, fob or token.
  • Biometric Systems: Users are able to access locations with the use of a fingerprint.
  • Digital Keypad Systems: Either a pin number or door code will allow access.
  • Audio/Visual entry: Visually see or speak to individuals before allowing them access.