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ASI Ltd offer a range of solutions for domestic properties to enhance security and convenience. Many properties with shared entry, including flats and apartments, will be fitted with audio and visual systems to enable each property to control the entry to their own home. These are now becoming more popular in standalone homes as homeowners are keen to secure and protect their properties from passing opportunists.

Linking an audio/visual system with a set of electric gates or barriers not only provides you with excellent protection during the day and night, it also stops 'drop in callers' and unwanted visitors. The gates can be operated by key fob, code, vehicle recognition and compatible mobile devices. Include a CCTV system into the mix and you can relax in the knowledge you have 24-7 monitoring and restriction to your property, outbuildings, vehicles and personnel movement.

ASI can offer simple but effective solutions to property owners giving them complete confidence in who gains access to their premises whilst increasing the safety of those already inside. The automation can also be extended to within your home. Imagine a sliding door with soft motion as access into an ensuite bathroom, home office or therapy room for those working from home? Perhaps you wish to split up rooms in your property without loosing light? A glass wall with sliding door can bring a modern twist.

Do you need to secure certain parts of your property for safety reasons, for example access to swimming pools or sheds containing machinery or chemicals? Do you have a requirement for disabled access? These are all considerations when designing the perfect domestic solution. With the help of our suggested products including keypads, proximity readers and fobs, automatic doors, external gates and barriers ASI can provide the required result.

The opportunities are endless and we are happy perform site visits to discuss your exact requirements, provide advice and draw on our experience to ensure you achieve your aim.